Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looky, Looky...I got an Award!

Looky, looky what my friend Kerry gave me!!!! She had to actually COME into the shop to tell me that she gave it to me back in the beginning of the month. I must have missed it on her blog because I'm too busy looking at all her sweet cards every day. She is one of the creative souls that keep me inspired. So Kerry, this Inspiring Blog Award is going right back to you. :)

We had a great time today with the Unity Playtime. These are the cards I created. It was great seeing what everyone designed and how they used the stamps to make such unique cards. I most definately had a great time with everyone and I'm looking forward to next month's playtime.

Hope that you are able to take time out this weekend and be creative!


Kerry said...

Oh, Michelle, you are too cute and sweet! You ROCK!!! Without all your hardwork everyday, keeping up with all the craft goodies at the Tree... Life would be so lost and boring. :)

Today was so fun, thanks so much for having us.