Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Look!

It's about time for a new look and a fresh something here so yesterday I made the decision to really take some time and work on this. How's it look? I had so much fun and could actually enjoy blogging now! I even taught myself how to layer stuff (no technical terms for me still) but it worked.

Anyway, as soon as I find my camera cord pictures will be added in the next day or so. Maybe I'll shock you and add them today even! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I sure hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend and that you find time to sit back, relax and enjoy family and friends.

I'm getting ready for the holiday lines to come pouring into the store in the next week or two. For now, there's a new addition to The Tree in the form of a display. Hope it works out the way I invision it!

This coming week to enter the doors of The Tree: restock of Halloween Amuse, Rosie's Roadshow, Stampscapes, Zutter, restock of Smooch, brand spanking new Outlines, new Cuttlebug folders and who knows what else. I know there are some I'm forgetting but you get the idea.

Again, enjoy your holiday and remember, The Tree will be closed on Sunday, September 6th and Monday, September 7th in observance of the Labor Day Celebrations.